Welcome to True Solar Time

True Solar Time specialises in the installation of solar powered technology. It is a division of Spiden Electrical Services Pty Ltd which is a full service electrical contracting business. Spiden Electrical is now celebrating 20 years of business and is involved in electrical projects for large commercial and industrial work, including office buildings and major retail stores being constructed and renovated throughout Melbourne, Victoria and other States of Australia.

From its first day of operation, Spiden Electrical has been growing and changing to keep pace with new technology, the use of sustainable resources and the design, supply and installation of solar powered systems. Due to the demand of customers for a reduction of greenhouse emissions and sustainable energy, the division of True Solar Time was founded. 

True Solar Time now designs and installs energy management systems that utilise alternative power supplies, for example: standalone power supplies, battery backup, solar, wind and generator technology. This division operates in conjunction with Spiden Electrical which provides a service for the installation of electrical power, lighting, voice, data and other related systems in new and existing buildings. This ensures all your electrical and power supplies are catered for.

The team at True Solar Time is committed to reducing their client’s greenhouse emissions and has an overall goal to achieve the best for a customer.

At Spiden Electrical Services Pty Ltd and True Solar Time, we continue to enjoy the loyalty and fellowship of the many customers we have had over the years.  We appreciate these relationships and strive to continue to provide exceptional service through consistent quality and constant professionalism.

We look forward to being of service to you. Please contact us for further information.

Daniel Spiden

Managing Director True Solar Time

& Spiden Electrical Services Pty Ltd

Great foresight & resources are required by us, as change is coming to us

Great foresight & resources are required by us, as change is coming to us...

“True Solar Time installed my solar panels

so ring them today and get them to design and install a system for you”

True Solar Time project managed the supply and installation of 3 UGE 1KW vertical axis wind turbines at Home Quarter Dandenong Victoria.

Our energy management systems include:

  1. Solar Grid Connect

  2. Grid Connect with battery storage

  3. Standalone Power Generation systems (off grid)

  4. Wind Technology

  5. Micro Hydro systems

  6. Generator systems

  7. Electrical services and telecommunications networks

True Solar Time were proud sponsors of Team Catavolt, in their pursuit of setting the world land speed record on their Electric Powered Motorcycle. www.catavolt.com.au

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