When it comes to electrical services on construction projects,
Spiden Electrical have the same goal as their clients. The work will be done correctly the first time, every time, within contract time lines and on, or under budget.

Spiden Electrical provides a wide range of services including:


• Commercial projects

• Domestic/renovations

• Landscaping projects

• Factories and Industrial projects.

The following companies have all contracted the professional services of Spiden Electrical Services:

• Greenmark Landscaping Pty Ltd

• CRB Constructions

• GKR Interior

• Dick Smith Electronics

• Shop fit outs for nearly all the Bunnings stores in Victoria,
  including Mildura & Orange in New South Wales

• Joi Clothing

• Cotton On Clothing

• Gateway 2000

• Cellular One

• Talkland

• Digical

• Donut King

• Waterford Wedgewood Properties

• Sires Menswear

• Paul Mason Distribution Factories

• Country Road

• Boost Juice Bars

• John Brennan Hair

• Vodafone

• Pretzel World

• Terry White Chemists

• Fellas Gifts

• Yarra Junction Community
  Link for Shire of Yarra Ranges

Great foresight & resources are required by us, as change is coming to us...

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Accreditation & Licences
for Spiden Electrical:

1.    Registered Electrical Contractor No.11986

  1. 2.   Licensed Electrical Installation Worker No.25918

  1. 3.   Clean Energy Council Full Accreditation Design &
       Install Grid-Connected Photovoltaic power systems A4911049

  1. 4.   ACMA Open Cabling ICTTC136B and ICTTC137B

  1. 5.   BICSI Registered Cablers Australian Registration No.B23565Vic

  1. 6.   ADC Krone Master Installer CM07112210

  1. 7.   AIBS SA Chapter Training Certification No. 129-2010AIBS
       (Australian Institute of Building Surveyors)

  1. 8.    Elevating Work Platforms 347141

  1. 9.    Red Card 21324

  1. 10.   Working with Children Check 02347257-01

  1. 11.   Licence to Perform High Risk Work 0001343209 01

  1. 12.   Selectronic Accreditation No. SPXS1-ME0213-02

  1. 13.   Working Safely with Heights SWAH0839

Spiden Electrical has also been involved with 100 townhouses in Rae Street, Fitzroy. Most recently it has worked at Berri, South Australia designing and constructing electrical works to a bowling alley.

True Solar Time & Spiden Electrical

Our energy management systems include:

  1. Solar Grid Connect

  2. Grid Connect with battery storage

  3. Standalone Power Generation systems (off grid)

  4. Wind Technology

  5. Micro Hydro systems

  6. Generator systems

  7. Electrical services and telecommunications networks